Our corner store initiative, Healthy on the Block, grew out of our surveys of community residents who indicated that they mostly travel outside of Mattapan for food purchases because of the limited availability of healthy foods within our community. Healthy on the Block is working with local convenience stores to assist them in accessing and marketing healthier foods.

Successes of this project include recruiting four local stores to participate; in-store modifications to showcase and label healthy foods; training of store owners on selecting and handling produce; connecting store owners to city and state resources for business improvements; planting a tree at one store (for shade and beauty; and outreach and education to local residents through both in-store and community-based educational events. 

The four stores supporting the HOB initiative include:

  • Essential Body Herbs
  • Mama Market
  • Mobil Market
  • World's Best Market

MFFC formed a partnership with the Mattahunt Wheelock Community Center which supported a four part interactive nutrition and fitness educational series for children and parents in 2011 and 2012. Our goal is to further  promote the healthy food available at all the HOB stores to all Mattapan residents throughout Mattapan in 2013-2014. 

Healthy on the Block has been supported by the Boston Public Health Commission’s Strategic Alliance for Health.